Church Staff
Interim Minister:
Rev. Michael L. McGehee

Admin. Secretary:
Lisa Maxwell  

Director of Music:
Miriam McNeill

Nancy McNeill 
Raeford Presbyterian Church

Mission Statement

                                     RAEFORD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
                                               MISSION STATEMENT

We, the session, on behalf of the congregation of Raeford Presbyterian Church, believe in the Lord God Almighty, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Savior, the head of our church and in the Holy Spirit, God alive and active in us in ministry to the world. As we are taught by God's Word in the Bible, we believe that it is our duty to proclaim the Gospel to all humankind and to nurture and provide spiritual fellowship for all children of God, both, within this congregation and elsewhere.
We believe that our mission is to commit ourselves to accomplish our Christian tasks as follows:

WORSHIP- We will strive to provide meaningful Christian worship opportunities through
proclamation and study of the Word, music, sacraments, prayer, and caring fellowship.

EVANGELISM- We will proclaim the Gospel to all who will hear, through diverse programs and missions,  both within our community and wherever God leads us. We will witness to all people, and invite them into the Kingdom of God.  

NURTURE - We will provide programs and missions for all God's children, giving them a Christian environment in which to live and grow, from birth throughout their lives.  

SERVICE - We will show compassion for those in need, in our community and throughout the world, and we will work to minister to those needs to the utmost of our abilities.

We, the Session, on behalf of the congregation of Raeford Presbyterian Church, are aware of our Christian heritage, both locally and globally, and will strive to continue the traditions of that heritage according to Gods will.                                   


        Please visit the about "About Us" to learn more about the Church's mission statement, history, staff, session and much more.

        We invite you to worship with us and get to know our church family...Hope to see you soon.
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